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What We Googled in 2010

"iPad" and "Justin Bieber" among hottest searches



    What We Googled in 2010
    Check out the hottest search terms of 2010.

    All the world's online curiosities and interests were revealed Thursday in a report by Google.

    According to the company's annual Zeitgeist Report, "ipad" was the second most popular search term worldwide. It lost only to "chatroulette," a Russian-based website that pairs up random users for video chats.

    You're probably wondering how that's possible when people are typing in words like "sex" and "porn" way more often than "chatroulette."

    It's because the Mountain View-based search giant didn't look at search volume. Instead, it looked at the fastest rising terms. Google even breaks it down by category, so you can find the most popular in sports, news, people, electronics and health.

    In San Francisco, "next muni," "ac transit schedule" and "sf weather" were the three most popular terms.

    Other terms that made the city's top ten list are "hardly strictly bluegrass," "ilearn," "511 trip planner," "cavallo point," "larkspur ferry schedule," "cal" and "caltrain schedule."

    The report also lists the fastest falling terms, which include "swine flu," "wamu" and "new moon."

    Expect another report for next year, and remember that Google is watching what you put into that search bar. It might even make list.