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What's in the Mussels?



    What's in the Mussels?
    Call for backup! You'll have to compete with millions of mussels and clam worms at some local beaches.

     Scientists will be testing mussels in San Francisco Bay this week to see if they contain potentially threatening chemicals.
    Scientists plan to gather on Monday about 100 mussels from the waters near Treasure Island to test for so-called "emerging contaminants" -- specific compounds found in items like shampoo, bedding and birth control pills.

    Darrin Polhemus, deputy director of the California State Water Resources Control Board's division of water quality, says among the chemicals scientists will be looking for is triclosan, an antibacterial found in many soaps. They'll also be testing for surfactants, a wetting agent found in shampoos and paints.

    The tests of mussels in the bay, as well as about 80 other locations across the state, are part of a national study