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    Erica Rix had her hand severed by a jump rope.

    A little girl with beautiful eyes and blond hair caught the hearts of the Bay Area when she lost her hand in a freak accident involving a car and a jump rope. 

    That was nearly two years ago. 

    Tuesday morning the San Jose Mercury News ran a front page article on Erica Rix's progress 19 months later.

    Today, Erica is a vibrant 8-year-old.  Her hand has since been reattached and is slowly coming back to life.

    Her mother Allison says she is still having flashbacks about the day her child's hand went flying out her car window.

    The paper also talked to the woman who rescued little Erica's hand from the asphalt of Dave's Avenue.  That woman, Pat Heller, has stayed closed to the family.  Erica's mom calls Heller "an angel." Erica calls her "my best friend."

    It's a good read.

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    Below is a Today Show clip that aired in the weeks after the accident.

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