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Whitman Explains Why She's Mean on Green

Candidate for governor emits views on greenhouse gases



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    Candidate for California Governor Meg Whitman, stumping for jobs.

    You have to give Meg Whitman credit.  With the press waiting to hear her explain herself on a recent slam of Governor Schwarzenegger's plan to reduce greenhouse gases in California, Whitman didn't hide.  Instead, she took her newly shaky environmental reputation ... to a solar company.

    Whitman didn't flinch when she stumped at SolarCity in Foster City.  On AB32, she reiterated her stance, saying "It might cost us jobs."  She didn't say she would abolish the plan, but would rather put a one-year moratorium on it, to better study its effects on the environment.  In some ways, this was Whitman staying on message.  Her stump speech all along (and I've heard it no fewer than six times now) has stressed the importance of jobs and the economy, and that seems to be resonating with voters.

    When she told the crowd of people who make their living by helping people go green that "a recent study shows AB32 could cost the state more than a million jobs .. this could be devastating to California," she was met with a room full of applause.

    Whitman proved something at SolarCity: Yes, we're all about going green, at least in theory.  But when it comes to our money, and our jobs, we want to live in the real world.  And that may be a chip Whitman can carry with her...all the way to the finals.