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Whitman Now Says She Voted for Reagan, Honest

Campaign continues to demand retraction from Sacramento Bee a week after not contesting her striking lack of a political record



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    Whitman assures everyone that, really, she did register to vote before the turn of the century, and even voted a couple of times.

    All former eBay CEO Meg Whitman wants is the facts reported, honestly, according to the latest from her campaign.

    Whitman has been dogged for weeks by an investigatory report by the Sacramento Bee that turned up scant evidence that the gubernatorial wannabe even registered to vote for much of the past three decades.

    The campaign assures everyone that Whitman was registered as early as 1980 in Ohio, and Whitman promises that she voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984 and George H.W. Bush in 1988.

    Conveniently enough, those votes were place in San Francisco, where an apparent upgrade to the voting system in 1992 will make it impossible for anyone to confirm that fact.

    Another piece of evidence provided by the campaign is a registration record for Santa Clara County in 1999.

    However, county officials have not been able to confirm any record associated with the reference number provided.

    The campaign doesn't deny that Whitman is ashamed of her near total lack of involvement in local or state elections throughout her adulthood.

    Nonetheless, it wants the Sacramento Bee, which first looked into the issue, to offer a retraction based on the bit of data from Ohio, at least.

    Jackson West wonders why any idiot would try to be a journalist and not a communications staffer for politicians with more money than sense.