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Why PG&E Hates Balloons



    Why PG&E Hates Balloons
    PG&E Is not a fan of this photo.

    PG&E is warning customers to hold on tightly to helium-filled  balloons that can surge into power lines and cause outages. 

      Metallic helium-filled balloons that drifted into power lines last  year caused more than 250 outages and left nearly 130,000 Bay Area customers  without electricity, according to PG&E.

    Balloons that hit power lines can disrupt service for an entire  neighborhood, cause significant property damage and potentially result in  serious injuries, PG&E officials said.

    With graduation celebrations approaching, the company is  recommending that customers securely tie weights to all metallic balloons  containing helium to prevent them from flying away.

    PG&E also urges people not to release balloons outdoors or bundle  them together, and to keep balloons indoors when possible.

    If a balloon does get tangled in a power line, people should not  attempt to retrieve it, PG&E officials said. Instead, problems can be  reported to PG&E at (800) 743-5000.