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Widow, Girlfriend of Thomas Kinkade Wrestle Over Painter's Estate

Painter of Light's survivors fight in court.



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    One lived with him.

    The other was married to him.

    Just who will receive dead painter Thomas Kinkade's multimillion-dollar estate? The legal system shall decide.

    Nanette Kinkade, the painter's estranged wife, and Amy Pinto-Walsh, the painter's girlfriend who was with him when he died April 6 due to an alcohol and Valium overdose, both have legal claims over the painter's estate, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Court hearings were expected to begin Monday, More documents were filed Friday, the newspaper reported.

    Pinto-Walsh has produced handwritten documents which are supposedly wills written by Kinkade, deeding her a Monte Sereno mansion, the newspaper reported. But Nanette Kinkade has produced an original will which promises the house to her and her children. Meanwhile, Pinto-Walsh "refuses to move out" of the mansion, as the estate pays the mortgage.

    Pinto-Walsh, 48, is accused of using her "feminine wiles" to take advantage of Kinkade, who had been seperated from his wife for two years, the newspaper reported. Meanwhile, Kinkade descended into alcoholism, the newspaper reported.