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SJ Woman Searching for Answers After Husband's Stabbing Death



    The wife of a San Jose man fatally stabbed in June is speaking out in frustration over a lack of leads and progress in the case. George Kiriyama reports. (Published Monday, July 29, 2013)

    Michelle Brito is looking for answers and justice for her husband.
    On Monday night, she walked to the spot where her husband, Danny Brito Jr., was found lying on the ground. San Jose police say someone stabbed him in an apartment carport in the 2900 block of Magliocco Drive on May 31. His attacker or attackers left him to die just a block away frorm his home. He was the city's 21st homicide this year.

      "There was blood on the fence. And still some blood now,” she said. “It kinda hurts that I was so close but yet not close enough.”
    Two months after her husband died, Brito wants to know who killed him. And with no answers and no progress in the case, it's hard to move forward.
    "I’m very discouraged at this point because there are no answers,” she said. “And nobody knows nothing. Nobody is willing to say anything. Nobody is willing to help.”
    The hardest part for Brito  is watching her six children survive without their father.
    "They're not good at all. Every day they want to know why somebody hurt their daddy. They want to know what happened. They get scared to get up to use the bathroom at night," Brito said.
    Danny Brito Jr. was attending San Jose City College with the hopes of finding a tech job one day. Michelle wishes she had a chance to say goodbye.
    "I would have liked to have been there while I was still alive whether he was conscious or not to be there for my husband. That's a loved one you want to be there to let them know whether they know or not that you're there," Brito said.