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Wild Pig Hunt Approved at Bay Area Golf Course



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    Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
    Feral pigs are creating a problem in Wisconsin, and authorities think they've found the man responsible for releasing a population of the wild animals into the area.

    PETA is not going to be happy to hear the following:  The Oakhurst Country Club in Clayton has hired a hunter to shoot  up to 25 wild pigs that are tearing up the golf course.  That is according to the Clayton police department.

    The club got a depredation order from the California Department of Fish and Game to kill the  pigs, police said.

    Police said problems with wild pigs are common this time of year  because their normal habitat is extremely dry, driving the pigs down from the  foothills to forage for food.

    Wild pigs are not native to California and are often considered a  threat to native species.