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Windows 8 Pro Will Only Cost $40 for Early Updaters

Being first to the party has its perks.



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    Early adopters to the new Windows will get a price break.

    Undecided on whether Windows 8's radical departure with the Metro UI is right for you? Microsoft's hoping to make believers out of everybody by offering a special promotion that'll let users upgrade from Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro for a mere $40.

    Compared to an upgrade to Windows 7 Professional from a previous OS that ran for $200, Microsoft's practically jumping down the chimney to tell you that you should upgrade to Windows 8 pro later this year.

    Those who want their Windows 8 Pro upgrade on a DVD will have to pay a little extra — $70 — but it's still a great incentive.

    Keep in mind that this is the Pro version, meaning it includes the classic version of Windows' desktop and that the promotion will only be valid until January 31, 2013.

    The upgrade deal should convince lots of Windows users who are usually hesitant to adopt a new OS to pony down for it.

    Microsoft's temporary generosity comes amidst news that Windows 7 commands over 50 percent of the global OS market share, according to StatCounter.

    While tech bloggers and journalists have heaped tons of praise on Windows 8 for daring to be different using its real-time tiles to relay notifications, it remains to be seen how consumers will react to the redesign of what has essentially been the same OS since Windows 95 (maybe even Windows 3.0).

    Early indicators do signal good things to come for Windows 8, though. Microsoft announced back in March that 1 million downloads were made for the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. Clearly, there's a lot of buzz and excitement for the company's next OS.

    With Windows 8, Microsoft is hoping to unify its properties. Windows Phone 8 is built with tons of Windows 8 code and stems from the same kernel, which should make interoperability and connectivity that much easier to implement. The same can also be said for the next Xbox, if Microsoft's re-skinning of the Xbox 360 dashboard with a Metro-esque interface is any indication.

    Again, it's only a promotion, but by offering Windows 8 Pro for only $40, Microsoft makes it so that Apple's $30$20 OS X Mountain Lion doesn't look that much more affordable.

    Will you be upgrading to Windows 8 Pro with Microsoft's special offer? I'm going to say that I'll prob join in on the savings when Windows 8 drops later this year, and I never upgrade to a new Windows immediately.

    Update: The original story stated OS X Mountain Lion would be $30. It's actually $20. The story has been updated to reflect the correction.

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