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Woman Arrested for Allegedly Biting Children

The mother said the suspect bit the children, but police said it was only a pinch.



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    After a 46-year old woman was arrested for allegedly biting the faces of two children at a downtown Mountain View bookstore on Thursday, police now believe she only pinched them.

    Police found the injuries inconsistent with bite marks and the only witness to the incident was a toddler, police spokesperson Liz Wylie said Friday.

    "...We don't have any credible witnesses," Wylie said.

    The transgression took place at the BookBuyers store at 317 Castro Street, according to police. The suspect, Polly Beltramo, walked up to a mother's two children -- a toddler and an infant -- and allegedly pinched both their cheeks.

    The suspect fled immediately but police chased her down, and the mother identified her as the biting one, according to the Palo Alto Daily News.

    Beltramo was arrested on suspicion of felony child abuse, the newspaper reported. Both children were treated at the scene by fire department emergency responders and did not require hospitalization.