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Woman Punched After Photographing Pukers



    Woman Punched After Photographing Pukers
    Lavonne Sallee

    A San Francisco woman who was tired of nearby bar-goers puking near her home, was assaulted Saturday, after attempting to gather evidence with a camera, reports SF Weekly.

    Police said the 50-year-old woman had recently been complaining about the noise from bars along Fulton Street and Masonic Ave.

    The night of the incident, she saw two women hunched over vomiting and  began collecting photographic evidence. As she continued to snap away, two men who were with the sick women, asked her to leave, and when she refused, the men hit her. One struck her in the face, and the other kicked her in the butt, while attempting to take her camera, said Police Captain Denis O'Leary.

    "It was an attempted robbery, but they were more trying to protect the honor of these two young ladies," O'Leary says.