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Woman Shot At, Bitten Over Parking Spot

A scuffle over parking led to teeth, guns, and a rolling pin used as weapons.



    Woman Shot At, Bitten Over Parking Spot

    A dispute over a parking space led to a bizarre spree of violence that involved firearms -- and teeth, according to reports.

    A 32-year old woman suffered a gunshot wound and a bite to the breast after a fracas over a parking spot in the Sunnydale housing projects in southeastern San Francisco on Thursday.

    A woman was parking her car in the 200 block of Blythdale Avenue when another woman emerged from the residence in front of the spot.

    The woman "picked a fight with the driver," according to SF Weekly -- and then things took off. The second woman went inside to retrieve a "silver handgun," with which she shot the driver once, the newspaper reported.

    The suspect, a black woman in her 40s, wasn't done. She then retrieved a rolling pin and began hitting the victim with it; after that, she bit the victim on her arm and breast before leaving the scene in a black SUV, according to police.

    The victim received treatment at San Francisco General Hospital for bite wounds and an open wound on the side of her head.

    Police may have an easy time catching the suspect. After all, as the newspaper reported, "they know where she lives."