Woman Who Tried to Sell Baby for $25 Gets Four Years - NBC Bay Area

Woman Who Tried to Sell Baby for $25 Gets Four Years

Judge agrees with Monterey County seller's plea to be sent to prison.



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    The baby cost only $25 -- but the attempted sale cost the mother four years in prison.

    Samantha Tomasini of Salinas was sentenced to four years in prison for attempting to sell her baby daughter for $25 outside of a Monterey County Walmart store, The Associated Press reported.

    Tomasini and boyfriend Patrick Fousek were arrested in June 2010 for attempting to sling the 8-month old for petty cash.

    The pair were methamphetamine addicts, according to prosecutors, and were high when they were in the baby business.

    Tomasini was originally sentenced to drug treatment and probation, but violated her probation once last year. She then asked a judge to put her in prison because she'd be likely to violate her probation again, the AP reported.

    The child has since been adopted.