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Would You Pay $7,500 for an Email Address?



    Would You Pay $7,500 for an Email Address?
    A new company wants to charge people $7,500 to have an exclusive email address.

    I can go and sign up for a Gmail, Yahoo email, Hotmail or almost a million other feature-rich email services for free, right now. For some reason, Elite750 thinks 750 people will shell out $7,500 for an email address with the "@elite750.com."

    There are a lot of things rich people can blow their money on, like iPad 2s made out of T-Rex thigh bones and 24-carat gold Atari 2600s, but $7,500 for the email and then $750 per month to keep the address?

    Well, that's just stupid.

    Hailed as the "world's most exclusive email address," the people who buy into the club might just as well be called "world's most exclusive idiots club."

    A background check shows that Elite750 was offering applications up until this morning. The site's since posted an update that says it's not accepting any new applications. Could that mean all 750 slots have been filled? Please, tell me there aren't 750 morons who already applied...

    On a crazier note, Elite750 creator(s) already created another "exclusive" email service for the "business elite" called "Executive 5000" and just like Elite750 — it's limited — to 5,000 addresses. At the very least, Executive 5000 email addresses only cost $225 upfront and have a $75 monthly fee. It's much cheaper than the Elite750, for sure.

    Ha, and don't even bother bargaining. The site says "Please do not inquire for discounts or trial accounts." So, who's signing up? Or who's already signed up? I think I'll stick to my free Gmail.

    Elite750, via Technabob

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