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Woz to Hand Over Prius

Apple co-founder says his Prius has a glitch



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    Steve Wozniak

    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he is still a Toyota fan, but has found himself in the middle of some bad publicity for the car maker.

    Woz says he is among the millions of Toyota drivers dealing with an acceleration problem. The trouble with his 2010 Prius is not caused by a faulty pedal,  but instead bad software, he says.  Woz says his issue is unrelated to the current recall and may only effect his one vehicle.

    The former Apple-founder says that while using cruise control, his car will sometimes accelerate up to 97 mph, instead of cruising at a set speed. He said his car "goes wild."

    Wozniak didn't go public with his problem on purpose.  He said he was talking to a group of teachers at the Discovery Museum in San Jose Monday about how difficult it was to get in touch with officials to report problems and gave his Prius accelerator problem as an example. 

    A day later he was doing interviews with the Los Angeles Times and CNN talking about it. 

    Wednesday, Woz is expected to turn his vehicle over so that Toyota engineers can try and diagnose the problem.   A Toyota spokesman told the LA Times that they asked to barrow his car for a week.

    Tuesday the Japanese car maker said it had never heard of the cruise control problem with the Prius. Lucky for them, Wozniak says he can reproduce it.

    He said he reported to a local dealer who did not accelate his accelerator problem "up any high level safety guy at Toyota."  Woz said he might just have the only car with this problem.

    Despite the problems, Wozniak, who already owns four Toyotas, says would buy a Prius again.