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Yellow Pages Throws the Book at the City



    Yellow Pages Throws the Book at the City
    A group is suing the City for a new law that prohibits the unsolicited distribution of Yellow Pages starting next year.

    San Francisco may want to cut down the waste that goes along with the Yellow Pages but the big book is not willing to go silently into the good night.

    The City was sued by a trade group representing publishers of Yellow Pages directories in U.S. District Court over a violation of its First Amendment rights.

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a bill earlier this year that will limit the unrequested distribution of phone books in the City starting next year.

    Supervisors passed the measure to cut down on landfill waste.

    But the trade group argues that the restriction of phone books violates the group's freedom of speech rights as a publisher of information.

    The group tells the San Francisco Chronicle that residents who do not want the Yellow Pages can still opt out. The new city law counters by allowing residents to opt in and pick up the book at an agreed upon location.