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Yelp Adds Hipster Ambience



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    Yelp has added a new field in its ambiance choice drop down menu: Hipster.

    So now, if you're a hipster, you know where to go, and if you aren't,  you know what to avoid. The main problem here is that, like people with mullets, hipsters don't always know people are laughing at them. Hipsters don't know they're hipsters. They just think they're cool nerds. (wait.. I'm a cool nerd!)

    Another problem with this would be many restaurants may not care for that kind of label. But what can they do about it. Unlike having bad service, the clientele isn't something that can be easily changed.

    I suppose if you're a business who doesn't want to be labeled as a hipster hangout, you could just play more Britney Spears, require customers to wear proper sized pants, or insist anyone wearing glasses actually have lenses in them.