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Yelp Feels the IPO Pressure



    Yelp Feels the IPO Pressure
    Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman says his company will probably go public in the next year or so.

    Is there a race for social-networking companies to go public? Sort of.

    Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman told an audience at the MobileBeat conference this week that his company will go public "within the next year or so" and seeing companies such as Zynga and LinkedIn file the IPO paperwork has impacted him.

    The user review site has not yet filed the paperwork or secured the necessary bankers to go public but he said an IPO is in the cards.

    Stoppelman said he "couldn't help but notice social-media plays like Groupon going public," according to PC Mag.

    The company is still focused on developing and expanding more features for its customers.