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You're Welcome San Francisco: Brian Wilson Does Late Night Again



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    Brian Wilson on "Lopez Tonight."

    Think Giants fever is isolated only to the Bay Area? Think again.

    Giants reliever Brian Wilson made a trip to enemy territory to appear on "Lopez Tonight" to not talk World Series but instead to just show off his unique personality.

    Wilson appeared in what looked like an homage to Popeye -- orange pants, striped "Finding Nemo" socks, a pea coat with golden button, a sea hat, a pipe and a beard dyed gray.

    The reliever's conversation with host George Lopez was not for young Giants' fans. Wilson talked about everything from visiting massage parlors in Thailand for "strictly sexual" reasons, to dressing like a "seaman."

    "I wanted to closely relate to a seaman" Wilson explained about his outfit before getting a reaction out of the crowd. "No not that kind of seaman. That would be an incredibly difficult costume to pull off."

    Of course no Brian Wilson television appearance would be complete without a cameo by "the Machine." Wilson put an action figure that looked like "the Machine" on Lopez's side, which prompted the host to ask about the character.

    "He's a figment of your imagination," he said. He's not really there but he's there and you respect him."

    Watch the complete Wilson interview below, including a special appearance on "Minute to Win It."