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'Zero Tolerance For 49ers Fans Behaving Badly on Sunday

The year of bad behavior at Candlestick Park ends on Sunday, the NFL has vowed.



    'Zero Tolerance For 49ers Fans Behaving Badly on Sunday
    49ers fans will be out in full force Sunday for the Championship game.

    The season began at Candlestick Park with a fan beaten senseless in a restroom, and two fans shot in the parking lot after what turned out to be the last 49ers-Raiders "Battle of the Bay."

    While nobody was shot last week during the 49ers' win over the New Orleans Saints, over 50 fans were ejected for some sort of misconduct, 23 fans were arrested, and dozens more stories of drunken abuse, yelling of slurs, and fighting have popped up from fans in the Bay Area, California, and all the way back to New Orleans.

    The NFL has a message for such louts: game over.

    Jeff Miller, the NFL's chief of security, will attend the NFC Championship game at Candlestick Park to ensure that the fan behavior troubles that have plagued the park all year end here and now, according to the Contra Costa Times.

    For some, the unruly conduct at Candlestick is an odd development: the fans in the 1980s Super Bowl glory years were known for being too laid back, and lambasted for being a "wine-and-cheese" crowd, according to the Contra Costa Times. Compare that to today's whiskey, fisticuffs and gunfire crowd, and it's no wonder that national attention is now focused on the Bay Area's embarassing lack of self-control.

    A spokesman for the team did not comment to the newspaper for this story.

    San Francisco police will increase their presence at the stadium by 25 percent for Sunday's game against the New York Giants, according to a spokesman. They'll enjoy the right to throw out a fan at the flip of a middle finger, a throw of a beer cup, or any other outburst deemed unacceptable.