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Zynga CEO Pincus to Receive $1 Salary

Gaming company chief will wait for more money.



    Zynga CEO Pincus to Receive $1 Salary
    Joi Ito
    Just $1. That's all Mark Pincus needs in 2013.

    Mark Pincus, the CEO of San Francisco-based gaming company Zynga, sets his own salary.

    $1 -- with no cash bonuses, according to Reuters.

    Pincus has been at the helm of the company best-known for "FarmVille" since 2007. He received $1.7 million in 2011, a year before the company became known for an IPO that debuted at $10 before plummeting to $3.45 a share this week.

    Zynga was once one of the hottest companies, thanks to the many Facebook users who forked over real cash for in-game items.

    But users have been leaving the company's games -- so Zynga hopes that starting online gambling games in the United Kingdom will restore its fortunes.

    In the meantime, Pincus announced in filings this week that he'll receive a grand total of $1 in compensation for all of 2013. His 2012 compensation package was not disclosed.

    It's not likely Pincus is hurting for cash: he recently closed on a luxury San Francisco mansion and was at one time a billionaire before Zynga's stock plummeted in value.