A Baguette Vending Machine? It's Open in San Francisco

There's nothing like a fresh baguette, hot out of the oven. And one company has made it as easy and quick to get as a Snickers bar.

Le Bread Xpress has opened vending machines in San Francsico that produce hot and fresh baguettes in seconds. The machines are operating at the new Myriad market in the Castro.

The baguettes rise at a bakery in Burlingame and are slighty baked. The baking process finishes in the vending machine. Operators say the machine is a hit in France.

"In a mall next to transportation, people come back from work, get their fresh baguette and get home," says Anthony Fountaine, of Le Bread Xpress.

A baguette costs $4.25 and comes out in about 20 seconds. Le Bread Xpress is hoping to expand operations around the Bay Area. In addition to France, it currently has machines in Russia, the U.K. and China.

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