Gaypon: A Gay-Friendly Groupon

Daily deals for LGBT community via gay-friendly businesses.

If you like to shop and save, Groupon is a must-do. Their daily deals are well known, the company has a huge flock of fans, and it's (probably) about to go public. But is it gay friendly enough?

If not, there's a new player stepping in to fill the void. Called Gaypon, a new website aims to offer daily deals, with a catch: they're offered from companies deemed gay friendly. 

What's gay friendly? According to Gaypon, it's a business that's passed certain standards -- no complaints of discrimination, and a strong record of support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender comnmunity.

Now, you may notice that the burden of proof is being placed in businesses in the Gaypon community.  As for users, you don't have to be homosexual to take advantage of the deals -- but it helps if you'd at least like to support those companies deemed friendly to the gay community.  If you're gay, great - but if you want to keep that a secret, that's fine too - gaypon says your private information is kept private, and won't even show up as a detailed item on your credit card.

Look for this idea to succeed if it gets traction in social media. It's telling that even now purchases through a site called "Gaypon" may still have to be kept secret. That said, if enough people are "out" about it on sites like Twitter and Facebook, it could be a niche business that succeeds.

Scott is out & about on Twitter: @scottbudman

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