A Halloween Treat For Kids Affected by Kincade Fire

It’s been a tumultuous week for families forced to evacuate because of the Kincade Fire. On Halloween, many tried to give kids a sense of normalcy after spending days away from home. Santa Rosa City Schools hosted a trick or treat event Thursday afternoon.

Schools have been closed all week because so many families have been forced to evacuate. The event was a way to bring kids and parents together, but some evacuees are not ready to celebrate.

In Windsor, Alisia Hermosilla and her family are relieved the home they've owned for only six months is still standing. But they had to throw away food that went bad and clean up damaged caused by strong winds.

Windsor-resident Karen Alves hopes to see families come together this Halloween.

"As quickly as possible, you want to get your life back to normal for the sake of the kids," Alves said.

That was the idea in Santa Rosa, where hundreds of kids and parents showed up for a trick or treating event hosted by the city's school district.

"We're trying to just get back to routine to have a nice Halloween for them because we can't go to neighborhoods right now," said Wendy Barron, a Kincade Fire evacuee from Santa Rosa.

The evacuation center at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds also held a Halloween party for evacuees.

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