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About “Bay Area Revelations”

"Bay Area Revelations" is a new documentary series featuring the untold stories of the people, places and moments which helped to shape the Bay Area into the unique region it is today.

This new documentary series will feature six one-hour programs over the course of 2015 that each focus on a particular movement, theme or event that transformed the Bay Area into one of the most vital and innovative regions in the country.

"Our intention with our Bay Area Revelations series is to reflect on the powerful impact that these little known stories have had in shaping the place in which we all call home today," said Rich Cerussi, President and General Manager of NBC Bay Area. "We look forward to bringing these fascinating stories to our viewers."

Narrated by accomplished actor and Emmy Award winning narrator Peter Coyote, the Bay Area Revelations series will explore a wide array of topics including the Bay Area’s leadership role in political and social movements, how the Bay Area became one of the world’s best destination for food and wine, Bay Area pioneers and how the Bay Area became the leading hub for high-tech innovation and development in the country.


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