AC Transit Warns Monday Strike Possible

BART's union break off talks Saturday, move ahead with strike plans

East Bay commuters have more than just a potential BART strike to worry about Monday morning. AC Transit issued a warning Saturday urging passengers to consider transit alternatives for Monday as contract talks with employee unions have so far failed to result in either a new contract or an extension of the existing contract, according to spokesman Clarence Johnson.

The AC Transit union's contract expires on Sunday, the same day contracts between BART and its five unions end.

BART's unions walked out of negotiations Saturday saying BART management was a "no show."  The union said it is moving ahead with planned strike on Monday. 

AC Transit employees voted overwhelmingly last week to authorize a strike as soon as Monday, so the clock is ticking. Amalgamated Transit Union Local 192 President Yvonne Williams has cited worker safety and plans to replace sheriff's deputies assigned to AC Transit with private security guards as primary union concerns in the negotiations.

AC Transit officials have said that in the event of a BART strike they would try to provide additional transbay service where possible, but union officials have warned that AC Transit does not have sufficient additional capacity to absorb large numbers of BART riders.

Oakland city workers are also holding a one day strike on Monday. During a Friday union rally, union leaders called for a "General Strike" which has not happened in this century.

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