San Francisco International Airport

Propeller of U.S. Coast Guard Twin-Engine Plane Clips SFO Runway: Source

The propeller of a Coast Guard twin-engine plane on Tuesday clipped a runway at San Francisco International Airport, the Coast Guard confirmed late Tuesday.

The Sacramento-based Coast Guard C-27 Spartan aircraft was at San Francisco International Airport for a logistics flight. After taxiing to a runway and while preparing for takeoff, one of the plane's propellers made contact with the runway and the crew aborted the flight, the Coast Guard said.

A runway was closed briefly as officials inspected for damage and debris, the source added.

The plane will be moved to Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco, adjacent to San Francisco International Airport, where crews will inspect the damage.

There were no reported injuries to the four crew members.

Tuesday's incident was not an accident, Coast Guard officials said, but was some kind of failure that occurred when the plan was taxiing.

Separately, the National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into an Air Canada plane that on Friday narrowly missed landing on a crowded taxiway instead of its designated runway at SFO.

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