Accused San Francisco Condo Attacker Denied Bail

A homeless man accused of attacking a woman outside her San Francisco condo has been denied bail, a judge ruled Thursday.

The alleged assault was caught on surveillance video.

Austin Vincent's attorney had asked the judge to release him and allow him to wear an ankle monitor until his trial starts. But the judge denied the request, deciding Vincent is a public risk.

Prosecutors agreed.

"At this juncture, we feel very strongly that in analyzing that risk, this particular defendant should be detained," assistant DA Alex Bastian said.

Defense attorneys said jail is not the environment where people in Vincent's condition receive the proper treatment they need.

Vincent was visibly upset and used an expletive loud enough for many in the courtroom to hear before he was led out the back.

Earlier this week, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office dropped a separate assault charge against the 25-year-old Vincent tied to a violent attack in February.

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