AC/DC Concert at AT&T Park May Concern Nearby Residents

Fans are coming from near and far on Friday for the AC/DC concert at AT&T Park, but nearby residents are worried about the noise.

“It’s never too loud,” Arizona resident Brandon Manning said. “They just have to get used to it, I think. They’re not going to slow down. AC/DC is loud. That’s who they are!”

Manning and his son drove 14 hours straight to hear hits like “Back in Black.”

For the first time in more than 30 years, the legendary rock band is back in the Bay Area.

Near AT&T Park, residents in Potrero Hill said they can hear the concerts clearly, like when Billy Joel played earlier this month.

“To some people, it may be annoying,” Resident Robert Gonzales said. “I’m glad that they are far and in-between. If it was an everyday occurrence, we might have some problems.”

Vice President of Giants Enterprises Sara Hunt said there's a hotline available if neighbors think things are getting too loud. 

Gonzales has not yet phoned the hotline to complain, but calls are expected. If someone were to make a complaint, concert staff will use decibel readers to gather information.  

"We work very closely with the entertainment commission, the tour production company and with all our own acoustical engineers to try and create operational plans to mitigate the impact," Hunt said. 

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