ACE Train Delayed as Union Pacific Crews Work Slowly Through Mudslide Area

Altamont Corridor Expressway commuters suffered a short delay Thursday night, as Union Pacific crews inspecting the tracks following a derailment worried about more possible mudslides.

The delay along Niles Canyon Boulevard in Sunol, where an ACE train veered off the tracks into the Alameda Creek on Monday night, was just 30 minutes from San Jose to Stockton. But Union Pacific crews said they wanted to go slowly because of more mudslide concerns and flash flood warnings and watches in effect for most of the Bay Area.

Inspectors were out looking for debris or rising water through the canyon, which may affect passengers.

“You know, I really appreciate them doing that,” Diane Lundry of Livermore. “I don’t care if I’m late. I’d rather be late than dead.”

Early Friday morning, the ACE trains were running on time, though earlier this week, ACE ridership was down. On Wednesday, the agency had nearly 2,000 riders during the morning commmute, compared to the typical 2,500, ACE spokesman Steve Walker said.

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