‘Cannabis the California Way:' Ads Launch to Promote ‘Craft, Small-Batch, Sustainable' Pot Just in Time for 4/20

Just in time for 4/20, folks of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley will witness the nation's first all-encompassing marketing campaign for an actual brand of pot.

The ads that read: "Craft farmers, small-batch, sustainable. That's cannabis the California way" will appears in newspapers, on social media and on billboards.

And as Mother Jones reported, the ads are paid for by Flow Kana, a collaborative of small, organic marijuana farmers from Northern California's Emerald Triangle region. The collective states it embraces both "California values and the small farmer ecosystem." And that its mission is to represent communities through "great cannabis." Mother Jones reported Flow Kana is spending about $200,000 on the marketing effort, which also includes a series of videos and a sponsorship deal with San Francisco's Earth Day Film Festival.

Flow Kana spokesman Michael Steinmetz told NBC Bay Area on Tuesday that this is the "first time in history a cannabis brand has done a well-orchestrated, multi layer, omni channel marketing campaign." He said there have been "one off" ads to promote a particular dispensary, but no cannabis campaign on "multiple channels."

All of the cannabis the collective represents "is nourished by the sun, moon and stars; the way nature intended."

Flow Kana products are sold at dispensaries including Harvest on Geary Boulevard in San Francisco, Oakland Organics on Broadway, Marygold Delivery in Contra Costa County, Valley Essentials in Mountain View, Try Sunshine on the Peninsula, OrganiCann in Santa Rosa.

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