Museum Hosts Hand-Holding Day

Following an incident in which a lesbian couple was told by a Jewish Museum security guard not to hold hands, the museum is welcoming one and all to hold hands on Sunday.

It's never to late to reverse a PR gaffe. And it's never too late to hold hands.

After a security guard at San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum told a hand-holding lesbian couple that such manual touching was not allowed -- at an exhibit devoted to famous lesbian activist Gertrude Stein, no less -- the museum is welcoming hand-holding people of all stripes to the museum on Sunday, for its "Hand-Holding Day."

The handholding was kiboshed last Sunday and drew immediate uproar from both patrons present at the museum at the time and the general public. The guard, who worked for a private security company, will no longer work at the museum, officials there said.

Hand-Holding Day was added to an earlier-scheduled programming called "LGBT Family Morning of Gertrude Stein," an event celebrating the life of the famous lesbian artist and LGBT families. The event will include performances by the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, the Voices Lesbian Choral Ensemble, and the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco.

That the museum was the site of such an anti-LGBT incident at an LGBT-themed exhibit is "ironic," and why the story picked up so much attention, according to officials.

"The museum director is a lesbian, I'm gay, we have a very diverse workforce," said Daryl Carr, the museum's director of communications and marketing. "The commitment we have to the LGBT community with just this event is astounding."

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