Sasha Fleischman, “Agender” Teen Set on Fire, Back in School

Dressed in a gray bow-tie, vest, cap and dark skirt, Sasha Fleischman walked into Berkeley's Maybeck High School on Monday, three weeks after the teen's skirt was set on fire giving way to second- and third-degree burns on the "agender" teen's legs.

Fleischman, 18, walked quickly, albeit gingerly, into school without speaking to the media outside.

Fleischman's mother, Debbie Crandall, who dropped the teen off after a morning doctor's appointment, said: "I'm thrilled. I'm happy they're (sic) back and can get back into the swing of studying and doing homework."

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Fleischman's friend said Sasha didn't miss a beat at school Monday: The teen even danced the waltz at ballroom dance club.

Fleischman made national news after Nov. 4, when another teen - 16-year-old Richard Thomas - was charged with setting Fleischman's skirt on fire during an AC Transit bus ride.

Fleischman identifies as "agender," meaning that the teen - born with the name Luke - does not identify as either male or female and prefers to be referred to in the plural, such as "they."

Thomas, who was charged as an adult, is not homophobic as police contend, his attorney, William DuBois maintains, and set the skirt on fire as a prank, not as a malicious act.

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The community - and much of the Bay Area - has shown much support for Fleischman, by raising money for surgeries and marching with rainbow ribbons in the streets. Many have even dressed in skirts to show solidarity for Fleischman's gender choices.

"It sounds like Sasha is healing well," Maybeck's director, Trevor Cralle, told NBC Bay Area on Monday morning, adding that the outpouring of support for Sasha has made him "overjoyed."

As for riding the bus, Fleischman has previously told NBC Bay Area that "they" are a little hesitant to do so.

But his mother said Monday that it "doesn't make sense right now to ride the bus, stamina-wise" as Fleischman's legs are still wrapped in gauze.

"But eventually they'll do it," she said, "with friends."

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