Airbnb Founder: We're Trying to Curb Orgies and Brothels

Your bedroom is not a bordello when you put it out for rent on Airbnb.

Your home is your castle. And when you rent it out on Airbnb, it is not a bordello.

Brian Chesky, the CEO of the online hotelier, assured Katie Couric in a recent Yahoo News interview that the company goes to lengths to ensure that hosts' apartments and homes are not rented by folks with... alterior motives.

Airbnb has taken off since its founding in 2007, with a $10 billion valuation and listings available in 192 countries, Yahoo reported.

Meanwhile, the company is one of San Francisco's tech darlings, with large South of Market office space famous for having its meeting rooms set up and decorated as to be mockups of homes listed on the Web site.

Airbnb has had success, but also some "high-profile" setbacks, Yahoo reported: "apartments being ransacked, trashed, or used for sex parties." Or, in the case of New York prostitutes, using Airbnb rentals to turn tricks rather than seedy motels.

The company revamped its security policies following a 2011 incident in which a San Francisco event planner in her 30s returned to her home to find it had been done an ill turn by her "guests."

At the time, Airbnb admitted to "really screwing things up" and has since signed up for insurance for its hosts, and has 100 employees whose jobs are making sure nothing like this ever happens again.

And that includes preventing visits between a sex worker and his or her clients before they happen, he said.

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