Airtime: Facebook's Cleaner Chatroulette (Maybe)

Ever wanted Chatroulette without the X-rated content? Serial tech entrepreneur Sean Parker is bringing us that experience to Facebook and calling it Airtime.

“I began thinking that Skype and [Apple's] iChat and Facetime were extremely vulnerable, weak, feeble competitors," Parker told Forbes in his inimitable way. "They didn’t understand what was possible in terms of their business if they ever reached scale. Facetime’s idiotic that it never works, ever. Skype is terrible. So you have this incredible weak field of people who have lost interest in; they are preoccupied by other things.”

So Parker partnered with Shawn Fanning to create Airtime, for use on the social network. The green application has a window for you and another person, and under that window it will show that person's profile data, such as interests, which can be added to or withheld.

Forbes' Kashmir Hill pointed out that it's taking photos of people while chatting, but Airtime says it's to "ensure site safety." Parker also says that with so many people on Facebook, users will be quickly flagged and banned. Public nudity and you are banned for life. So essentially, every pervert gets one shot at this.

So, are you willing to give this a try?

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