Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies Shoot at Suspect in Stolen Car in Hayward

An Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy shot at a suspected car thief – but did not end up striking or injuring him – after the man gave chase in a stolen vehicle.

Sheriff’s Sgt. JD Nelson said the man was taken into custody, and despite a deputy firing off several rounds at the suspect just before midnight Thusday near A Street in Hayward, only the car is riddled with bullets. The suspect tried to drive the car right at the deputy, and tried to get away by backing up over a retaining wall in someone’s yard.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Nelson said, adding that a female passenger in the car also was not hurt. The suspect, who was not named, is a 26-year-old “local guy” with several past “violent felony convictions” and had a warrant out for evading police. “He’s known to the system,” Nelson said.

After the deputy shot at the suspect, he ended up crashing the stolen car into a telephone pole, where authorities arrested him.

Residents were shocked.

“This never really happens here in this neighborhood,” Elda Loza said. “I was scared. I heard four to five gunshots .”

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