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Alameda Group Calls for President Trump's Impeachment, City Supports Investigation

A local group in the East Bay coined "Alameda4Impeachment" is calling on the House Judiciary Committee to investigate President Donald Trump with the ultimate goal of driving him out of office.

Piggybacking off of Richmond, which became the first city in the nation to pass a Trump-related impeachment resolution, the Alameda-based group's resolution to call for an investigation into the president's business dealings, alleged election interference and other transgressions was unanimously passed by the city council Tuesday evening, according to the East Bay Times.

"Alameda4Impeachment" cited six reasons as to why federal officials should take a peek into Trump's alleged infractions. The wrongdoings listed by the group include behavior unbecoming of the president, violation of the United States Constitution and ethics statutes, conspiracy to compromise the integrity of U.S. elections, obstruction of justice and abuse of power.

"We have a new President whose temperament, behavior, leadership and policy directions may be a threat to our Democracy," the group wrote in its statement presented before the city. "We have reason to believe that his conflict of interest, political corruption and direct violation of the Constitution are sufficient grounds for impeachment."

The passed resolution will now be sent to Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who has been representing East Bay voters for several years. Lee will be asked to  garner support for an investigation.

Copies of the resolution will also be sent to Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, according to the East Bay Times.

Discussions about a proposed investigation began back in February during an Alameda City Council meeting.

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