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Alcatraz Ferry Rescues 10 Passengers From Sinking Boat in SF Bay

Crew members for an Alcatraz Island ferry are being hailed as heroes after rescuing 10 people on board a sinking boat in the San Francisco Bay.

The crew late Thursday had just picked up about 400 passengers from Alcatraz Island and heard the distress call from the sinking boat.

"I looked at the side of the boat and noticed their boat was going down pretty quick," Alcatraz Clipper Capt. Erik Anfinson said.

Video of the rescue recorded by a French Canadian tourist showed the boat was quickly sinking. Anfinson in the video can be heard yelling "Get 'em on the boat! Get 'em on! Get them on the boat now!"

The private boat ran aground on a rock formation known as "Little Alcatraz" usually seen at low tide.

"They were fine, they were all wearing life jackets," Anfinson said.

Once all 10 people on the sinking boat were aboard the ferry, the tourists who were on their way back to shore from their Alcatraz tour erupted into applause.

The rescue was a highlight of an Alcatraz tour on Friday.

"I wish I could have been there to see those guys jump in and save them," tourist Austin Pool said.

A salvage company will start searching Saturday morning for the sunken boat.

Jennifer Gonzalez-Arias contributed to this report.

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