‘Alcatraz’ Filming Helps Save Woman’s Life

The woman was having heart problems when the TV show's location manager rang her doorbell before a chase scene.

It's not every day an illegally parked car nearly saves your life, but that is exactly what happened in San Francisco Wednesday morning.

When 11-year-old Tatiana Zakin woke up she found her mother in trouble on the floor. While the 6th grader called a family friend, parking enforcement was in full force because the crew for the television show "Alcatraz" was preparing to shoot a chase scene on her street.

Cars were suppose to clear out by 7 a.m. The Zakin's car was illegally parked so the show's location manager, Simon Lake, and a police officer rang the doorbell at Zakin's home

A rattled Tatiana answered the door. Lake says the police officer noticed something was wrong and asked if she was alright. The girl told them about her mother's health, and Lake and the officer sprang into action. They called paramedics, assessed the woman's condition and halted the shoot.

The girl's mother got the help she needed, her son was able to move her car to avoid the ticket and then the show went on. Zakin says if her mom was going to have a crisis, Wednesday was the right day because help was right outside on her door.

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