No Preferential Treatment for Aldon Smith in Latest DUI Arrest

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit took a closer look at what happened after Aldon Smith was arrested in Santa Clara Friday morning.

Two years ago, NBC Bay Area broke the story of Aldon Smith receiving preferential treatment from the Santa Clara County Jail. After this latest arrest, the now ex-49er was treated like anyone else arrested for a DUI, and didn't receive any special treatment.

In this latest arrest, Smith walked out of the front door of the Santa Clara County Jail and answered questions from reporters. But back in September 2013, he left through a back door, away from the media. At the time, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith denied any preferential treatment.

Sources claimed, instead of keeping Smith in jail for at least five hours, considered normal protocol, he got out in less than two hours. 

"It's been a practice of the jail for many years, decades actually, that anyone coming in for intoxication has a minimum of five hours, and we often keep people beyond five hours if they still show signs of intoxication and they can't care for their own safety,” jail insiders told the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit

This time, Aldon Smith was booked at 2:55 a.m. and not released until 8:28 a.m., spending a more than five and a half hours behind bars.

NBC Bay Area requested an interview with Sheriff Smith to talk about the noticeable change in the two years since Aldon Smith's last DUI arrest. The sheriff did not respond.

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