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Alec Baldwin Brings His Political Satire to San Francisco

San Francisco was filled with politics and humor Saturday night as actor and activist Alec Baldwin took the stage at the Curran Theater to promote his new parody book, ‘Donald J. Trump: You Can’t Spell America Without Me.’

The event titled “Political Satire as Deeper Truth ” wass described to be an evening filled with discussion of the current political and cultural climates along with audience questions and more.

Fans of the actor and his co-author, Kurt Anderson, had the opportunity to mix and mingle during a pre-stage book signing event.

“I loved watching Alec Baldwin on SNL and when I gave him a wave outside of the car, he gave me a head nod,” said San Francisco resident, Lauren Chanen.

Unfortunately for fans, Baldwin did not don his Donald Trump costume for the event but he did get into character for a few minutes to read a passage from the new book. 

“I’ve really liked the satire he’s done over the last year being Trump,” said San Rafael resident Kalei Colridge. “It’s really lightened the whole political spectrum and made some of these things that have been going on in our country a little easier to handle.”

The audience was jam-packed full of fans curious to hear more on Baldwin's opinions of the political climate, "The Democratic Party needs a vibrant Republican Party." 

"I don't want Democrats to have all the power, I don't," said Baldwin at the event. "I trust the Democrats about this much more than I trust the Republicans." 

During the event, he even explained how he doesn't believe Trump will be removed from office. 

"The removal of the President, I mean, you've got to catch him with a crack pipe in one hand a revolver in the other." 

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