Algae Bloom Causing Smelly Water for Livermore Residents

Some residents in Livermore have been avoiding using water from their own faucets because it smells bad.

Water officials said the smelly water is not harmful, but there is not much to do for now about the odor.

Residents say they have noticed the smell for at least a week. For some, it's improving. But for others, the problem remains.

At the Beach Hut Deli near downtown Livermore, customers first noticed the problem at the soft drink fountain.

"Our soda tasted odd as well," deli owner Carlyne Weiss said. "The water tasted terrible."

Weiss just opened the deli and did not want any trouble for her customers so she opted to buy canned and bottled soda to serve for a few days.

The water smelled so bad at Adrianna Burgonio's home she decided to wash her clothes at a nearby laundromat.

"Even just doing the dishes, it's like this horrible smell comes up," Burgonio said.

Officials said the water is coming from algae that is blooming thanks to hot summer temperatures at local reservoirs. Water officials insist the water is safe to drink and the smell should dissipate soon.

The best treatment for the smell is ozone. Water officials said they are making improvement to its water treatment facilities to allow them to add it, but those improvements will not be completed for another couple years.

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