Alix Tichelman, Alleged Prostitute Accused of Sipping Wine as Google Exec Lay Dying, Opened Her Heart on Facebook

Alix Tichelman, the alleged high-end prostitute accused of killing a Google exec with a lethal dose of heroin, wrote about her love for the darker side of life on her Facebook page, which has since been removed from the social networking website.

Tichelman, who appeared at the Santa Cruz County Court Wednesday in handcuffs and a red jumpsuit, was charged with manslaughter. She is yet to enter a plea and is being held on a $1.5 million bail.

Tichelman appears to have been active on her Facebook page until July 2, posting scantily-clad selfies, personal details and her enthusiasm for grunge, tattoos and concealed weapons since 2002.

She describes herself as a model and make-up artist, posting pictures from photo shoots that received dozens of compliments from friends and fans.

According to police, the 26-year-old from Georgia met 51-year-old Forrest Timothy Hayes through the “sugar daddy” website

During interviews with police, Tichleman boasted of over 200 client relationships.

A surveillance camera captured the crime scene at the Santa Cruz small boat harbor, including the “cold and callous” way Tichelman handled Hayes, stepping over his body to finish a glass of wine and leaving him alone to die on his yacht, police said.

In a July 2 Facebook post, citing Georgia’s controversial “guns everywhere” law, Tichleman wrote:

“YES!!!! cant wait to have my carry/conceal be valid again..Going back to GA next week : )"

In a June 28 post, she wrote:

"It's really nice to talk with someone about killing sprees and murdering people in cold blood...and they love it too. No judgement. Yay!"

NBC affiliate KSBW reports Tichleman grew up in an upper-class family in Georgia.

Her Facebook profile says she studied journalism at Georgia State University and trained at the Paul Mitchell school in Alpharetta, Georgia. It says she is currently living in Sacramento, working at ULTA Beauty.

In an interview with Fixe Fetish magazine, Tichelman talked about how she has always been “attracted to the darker side.”

“My parents said by the time I was there I was an intense child, and already liked horror movies,” she said.

She lists “God Bless America,” “Devil’s Rejects” and “House of 1000 Corpses” among her favorite movies and “True Blood,” “The Voice” and “Mad Men” among her favorite TV shows.

Her reading list includes “The Satanic Bible” by Anton LaVey and the children’s series “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.”

She talks frankly about her feelings and romantic relationships, posting about how she turned down a date from a Department of Defense security contractor and a “preppy” because of his “lack of tattoos and general distaste for metal.”

Her darker side often comes across in her posts.

On June 20 she posted: “Feeling suicidal.”

A day later she posted: “It feels like the Grim Reaper is hiding under my bed; I think he knows too that I'd be better off dead.”

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