Alleged Bailey Assassins Got Hugs, Dinner at IHOP

Defendants in Chauncey Bailey murder case pleads not guilty as more sad details emerge

Confessed killer Devaughndre Broussard said that he and his accomplices were given hugs by Yusuf Bey IV and treated to dinner at the International House of Pancakes as a reward for their murder of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey and two others.

The details came in a statement to the grand jury investigating the murders that was recently unsealed.

Bey allegedly told Broussard and his alleged accomplice Antoine Mackey "I love y'all" when embracing them after hearing of the successful hit.

Bey and Mackey have plead not guilty to charges of murder in the cases of Bailey, Odell Roberson Jr. and Michael Wills.

Broussard's statement implicates Bey as ordering the killings, and Mackey as the getaway driver and trigger man in Wills's murder.

Bey was reportedly motivated by work done by Bailey and editor Roberson which exposed the inner workings of the Your Black Muslim Bakery, which his father, Yusuf Bey III, had built.

Wills was apparently targeted for being "a [white] devil," and the grand jury testimony says that Bey threw up his arms like a football referee signalling a touchdown when he heard the news.

Jackson West, as a former Oakland resident, feels the situation couldn't be more regrettable.

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