Alleged Landlords from Hell Stuck in Jail

Decline of in value of property offered as collateral prompts bail agent to withhold bond

Two Bay Area landlords who reportedly stalked, harassed and even vandalized their own property to get tenants to move out of a building are back in jail.

Kip Macy and Nicole Macy purchased a building at 744-746 Clementina street in San Francisco for $995,000 in 2005.

According to plaintiffs, the Macys did everything in their power to evict the tenants or intimidate them into leaving in order to raise rents on the units.

The Palo Alto couple plead not guilty to charges, but a grand jury recently returned an indictment, and they had to re-apply for bail.

The bond agent denied the request, saying the real estate properties offered as collateral had plunged in value.

If the allegations of tenant abuse are true, especially those brought by plaintiff Scott Morrow who is confined to a wheel chair, is especially fitting:

Two real estate speculators with judgment-impairing greed are now stuck behind bars because their mortgages are now likely underwater.

The Macy's attorney asked for lower bail, but the judge declined, meaning the pair will remain in the hoosegow on multiple felony charges throughout the trial which is scheduled to begin April 20th. Photo by Flickr user Mike Linksvayer.

Jackson West's landlord has been pretty patient about past due rent so far.

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