‘Only in Petaluma': Alligator Escapes From Wildlife Facility, Heads to Koi Pond

Later, gator! 

A Petaluma resident on Thursday was shocked to see a three-foot alligator trying to take a dip in a koi pond.

Police were called out to the scene around 9 p.m. and an officer, identified only as Mark, was able to capture the reptile that is "quite beautiful," according to Petaluma Animal Services.

"Situations like this are almost always escaped exotic pets, which is a whole other subject, but for now — we are working on finding this guy a safe place to land," shelter officials wrote on Facebook.

The gator was taken to the Petaluma shelter and within hours, officials discovered that it had gotten loose from a wildlife facility. The reptile, named Darth Gator, has since been returned to its home. 

"Only in Petaluma, folks," shelter officials quipped.

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