Alviso Residents File Lawsuit Against San Jose Over Proposed Manufacturing Facility, Trucking Operation

The small working class community of Alviso filed a lawsuit Monday against San Jose over a proposed development in the area.

Alviso, home to about 2,000 people, claims the city has ignored concerns from residents the planned massive development could destroy the community. The Trammel Crow Company is working to build a 57-acre development, which includes a 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility and a large trucking operation.

"It's outrageous," said Dick Santos, an Alviso community activist. "There's no city in the state of California that would build a trucking operation next to a school or a park or a swimming pool or library.

The lawsuit acknowledges the community had agreed to a development proposed by Cisco when the company owned the land. It further said residents did not agree to a revised proposal by Trammel Crow when it purchased the property.

Parents involved in the lawsuit have safety concerns with the possibility of large trucks driving in the area.

"Our kids being hit by trucks . . . there's going to be so much traffic going on," said Ruben Orozco, a neighborhood organizer. "We have a problem with traffic as it is now."

Another resident, Antonio Solis, also is concerned with the project's impact on the environment.

"It's pretty bad because of the pollution," Solis said. "You know, there's so much stuff going on here and stuff. We have no control over the city."

City officials have defended the project during several hearings, and have said it will help restore manufacturing and jobs.

Kansen Chu, Alviso's city councilman, voted against the project and said he is working on a modified development plan to satisfy both sides without a court fight.

Calls seeking comment from San Jose's city attorney were not returned.

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