Amazon's Google App Store Goes Away From Apple's Model

Microsoft may be trying to stop Apple from making "app store" its own but Amazon is actually doing something to make its own app store.

The Kindle-maker is in the process of building an app store for Google Android.

But instead of simply copying what Apple has so successfully translated into 10 billion downloads, Amazon is putting its own twist on what smartphone users have come to expect out of app stores And it might be bad news for developers.

Amazon will reportedly set the price charged for apps and not developers, according to Business Insider.

Developers would be allowed to suggest a price when submitting an app for approval, but ultimately Amazon would pick the final price.

App developers will still get 70 percent of the cut of app sale, with a minimum of 20 percent regardless of price.

The move is very different than the system Apple has put in place. While the cost-sharing is the same and Apple controls what apps get approved, it does not set the price of an app.

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