American Red Cross Says Coronavirus is Impacting Blood Supply

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The American Red Cross said Friday that the coronavirus is having an impact on its blood supply as about 30 blood drives nationwide have been canceled.

Although experts say there is no evidence that coronavirus is transmitted through transfusions and there are no reported cases, plenty of donors are apparently worried.

A South Bay woman gave blood at the San Jose Red Cross facility on Feb. 24, three days after she and her husband returned from a Grand Princess cruise from Mexico.

Leanne Cummins was just informed this week she and her husband Robert may have been exposed to coronavirus on the cruise.

“I was surely hoping that it wouldn’t be transferred that way,” said Cummins. If somebody had taken my blood, that they were going to be okay.”

The Red Cross said it has traced and isolated her blood donation. The agency added that out of abundance of caution, it is also asking donors to wait at least 28 days following travel to China, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Iran, Italy, and South Korea.

Also, if someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or in contact with someone who is suspected of having it.

Cummins said her blood situation reminded her she did many other errands in public, and there are a lot of other cruise passengers walking around that might be infected.

“I’m only one person,” she said. “That was a cruise ship with 2,500 passengers let alone 1,200 employees. I’m only one.”

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